Friday, September 13, 2019    //    3:51 AM

Hey guys! Yes it is actually 4 in the morning. It's been a BUSY few weeks, so I'm sorry about the lack of updates!
I wanted to sincerely thank each and every one of you that placed an order with me for my overlay tapes or my stickers lately. I've been feeling so grateful and lucky lately. I have a ton of exciting things coming for y'all in the month of October. It is my birthday month, so expect some very good stuff! 
This weekend I plan on getting all orders placed prior to today out. I have several exams this upcoming week, so please understand if I am slow to reply to DM's or emails. 
- Dalila 

Saturday, August 10, 2019    //    12:49 PM

I have some very exciting news for you!!! Here are the official launch dates of the foiled overlay tapes!

I did split them up into two separate releases to make processing easier and faster on my end. I am, of course, going to make it fair and limit the amount of bundles available on the first release, so that there are (hopefully) enough individual rolls and smaller bundles available for everybody for the second release.

August 23rd at noon CST:

Mega bundle, big bundle, holo bundle release (info coming soon)

August 30th at noon CST:

Remaining stock of individual rolls, and smaller bundle release (info coming soon)

I'm sooooo excited for everyone to get their tapes! I will be posting information about pricing, as well as product photos, very soon! 

- Dalila


Thursday, August 8, 2019    //    7:19 PM

Hey everyone! Yesterday I did a huge update on the website and I hope you all love it. One major change is the ability to add items to your cart without being sent directly to your cart, which was highly requested.

Tomorrow's new releases are going to feature FOUR new collections along with limited reformats of old favorites, "Sweet Dreams" and "Blush Wedding" that will NOT be restocked after the initial stock is sold out. 

My current processing time is ~ 1 week, give or take a couple of days.

Regarding the "quick shipping" that I was able to offer for the past month or so, where I was able to ship items ordered noon Friday thru noon Sunday on Monday's - I will be unable to offer that until sometime in December due to my fall school schedule. It will be back as soon as I can do it! Until then, my processing time will remain ~ 1 week.

- Dalila